Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 536

Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 536

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 536! Our featured interview tonight is with Rich Esserman. This is our second episode with, “Rich Responds” where we go back to a previous discussion with Fred Hanna, and Rich gives his take. Both Rich and Fred are prominent pipe collectors, researchers and writers on pipes and tobacco for several decades. They are both well-known and well-respected in the pipe enthusiast community. We’ll see where Rich agrees with Fred, and where he has his own take on different aspects of pipes and tobacco.  At the top of the show we’ll have Pipe Artisan Jeff Gracik with another segment of “Ask the Pipemaker”. Sit back, relax with your pipe, and enjoy The Pipes Magazine Radio Show!

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Rich Esserman
Rich Esserman

The Pipes Magazine Radio Show features interviews with pipe makers, tobacco blenders, pipe and tobacco aficionados, collectors, and more. Episodes air every Tuesday.

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3 Responses

  • Pretty good episode.

    The first music choice wasn’t to my liking but I was very surprised by the second piece. Thar ine

  • Pretty decent episode.
    I don’t remember exactly the question Jeff answered but it seemed that he did a good job handling it.
    Rich’s discussion of Fred’s part of the deal was entertaining though at times confusing. It seems like Rich starts out talking about Fred’s
    point then he wanders off on his own. Of course, it could be my lack of an attention span.
    Not surprisingly I didn’t like the first piece of music but, the second one I enjoyed.

  • It’s fascinating to hear what a pipemaker like Jeff thinks with reference to draft holes, bits and buttons, and as you both say, what works for you is best.
    This theme was carried through by Rich in an engaging conversation that made crystal clear the notion that there are too many “experts” who insist that their way is the only way. You and Rich rightly say, again, what works for you, keep; what doesn’t, discard. Amen.
    The faux Rolling Stones song “It’s Christmas Time” was clever but as much as I like the Stones and parodies, I wasn’t all that into this.
    Cat Jahnke’s “Oh Holy Night” was quite lovely. While her own compositions are achingly beautiful, her covers of music from all genres are just amazing. Thanks to Steve for suggesting this, and thanks Brian for playing it.
    A great closing message and song.
    Kala Christougenna to all who celebrate!
    Thanks for an always entertaining year.