Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 526

Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 526

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 526! Our featured interview tonight is with Brazilian pipe maker Luiz Lavos. Luiz started making pipes while living in Portugal, and recently he has moved back to Sao Paulo. Luiz’s career as a graphic designer and experience as a luthier and woodworker comes through in his pipe designs. He is a big fan of Danish pipe makers like Hans “Former” Nielsen, Tom Eltang and Jess Chonowitsch, and it shows is his clean designs. In Pipe Parts, Brian will give us his final results on microwaving tobacco. Sit back, relax with your pipe, and enjoy The Pipes Magazine Radio Show!

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Brazilian pipe maker Luiz Lavos
Brazilian pipe maker Luiz Lavos

Luiz on Instagram

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3 Responses

  • Your conversation with Luiz was quite entertaining and his back-story was very engaging. His pipes, which I saw on Instagram and Smokingpipes, are gorgeous. Nice work.
    Zack, what a great choice for music! I loved it. Brian, thanks for sharing it.
    I salute your embrace of the failing of your follicles. Stay strong.
    (Perhaps the addition of Latakia to your VaPers might strengthen the resolve of those follicles to hang on to what they’ve got?)
    Thank for a great show.

  • Interesting Pipe Parts on microwaving tobacco was moderately informative but I have no interest in toasting my tobacco. Not that the topic wasn’t interesting but more like my ineptitude with modern equipment and tobacco. I’ll just stay away from anything more complicated than popping the tin.
    Luiz has taken up a real challenge in making pipes a very long way from people who smoke pipes. I don’t buy pipes anymore, but I wish him well in his pursuit.
    I couldn’t help but laugh when Dino panned the music from the Russ Hicks show. Finally, after all the things he has enjoyed over the years you found one he couldn’t stomach. To me, the selection was just wonderful being almost classic Bluegrass. So, the score stands as Dino 499 (or so) to Dan 1.

  • I’m not sure what you mean Dan. I chose the music for the Russ Hicks show, Nat “King” Cole Trio playing “‘Tis Autumn.”
    The only tune I kinda dissed was the Rival Sons’ cover of Olivia Newton John, in show 519 with Doug Finlay.
    And, if you read my reply above, I loved the Bluegrass music that Zack suggested.
    Anyway, welcome back, I missed your comments on the past two shows.