Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 511

Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 511

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 511! Our featured interview tonight is with pipe maker Nate King. Nate started smoking pipes in 2004, and starting making them in 2005. Prior to that he worked in the Indy race business where as a transmission specialist, precision and attention to detail is a high priority, and this carries over into his pipe making. Nate makes all kinds of pipes from the classic shapes, to whimsical. retro-inspired pieces such as a commission inspired by an old-style microphone. He has also participated in many collaborations on pipe designs, such as with fellow pipe maker Michael Lindner, and tobacco blender Gregory Pease. In Pipe Parts, Brian will have a pipe review, and at the end of the show we will have a guest rant. Sit back, relax with your pipe, and enjoy The Pipes Magazine Radio Show!

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Pipe Maker Nate King
Pipe Maker Nate King

Nate King’s Website

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3 Responses

  • It was great to catch up with “The King.” Nate’s discussion about pipe shows was fun and enlightening. And thanks Nate, for the kind words about the recent Chicago Show. We all worked quite hard to put together a memorable event, and we’re pleased that folk had a good time. Make sure, listeners, to sign up “for a good time” in Columbus, KC, CORPS, and of course Vegas.
    “Duets” with Helen Merrill and Ron Carter is among my favorite albums, and it’s a good one to play as you sit outside on a warm summer evening with a bowl and an adult beverage.
    Thanks for another always entertaining show.

  • Nate King is just an enjoyable person to converse with. His steam punk pipes were the stuff of legend. I wish he would make one about every six month or so. Those things were incredible. He is so creative and his use of titanium can be breath taking. I’ve owned two or three Nate King pipes and they all smoked extremely well. I appreciate Nate calling a spade a spade about the Chicago show. It was a very happy event for those that attended but it was not as well attended as prior events and there were a number of unsold tables. But, it was the first one in three years, and at a new venue, and Covid is still with us so I would still put it down as a rousing success. My appreciation goes out to all who work on the event. They did a great job. And I finally at long last got my list of Doctors and Masters of Pipes.
    My cat liked the music.

  • I met Nate at my first Chicago Pipe Show, I wanna say 2011 or 2012. It was so cool to meet a fellow Hoosier who was a pipe maker. Can’t remember what we talked about but he did give me my first sips of scotch from his flask and I was enjoying a Padron Anniversary.