Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 496

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Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 496

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 496! Our featured interview tonight is with pipemaker Dr. Charles Theivagt. Charles is a Otolaryngologist in McAllen, TX. (For us regular people, that’s a specialist in ears, nose and throat.) He smoked cigars for 20-years, and switched to smoking pipes about three years ago. He became interested in the engineering of pipes, air-flow, etc., which led to his interest in making pipes. Besides following online videos and forums, he trained directly with pipe artisan Jeff Gracik. When he’s not practicing medicine or making pipes, he loves to surf in the Gulf of Mexico. At the top of the show, in “Pipe Parts”, our topic of discussion will be—How to Prepare for a Pipe Show. Sit back, relax with your pipe, and enjoy The Pipes Magazine Radio Show!

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Dr. Charles Theivagt
Dr. Charles Theivagt

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3 Responses

  • Great “show prep” suggestions at the top of the program. And, yes, fellow pipe smokers, come to the show, any show. I’m excited about the Chicago Show. I’ll be there, too.
    Charles was a delightful guest. An ENT who smokes a pipe–take that smoke nazis. He spoke eloquently about his journey to our community, with humor and insight.
    Dan Locklair is an absolute treasure! This new work is stunning in its beauty, power and accessibility. I have my order in for the cd.
    Thanks for another always entertaining show.

  • Brian… Great show this week. Good advice in prepping for a pipe show and an interesting guest in Dr. Theivagt!

    You put a call out for questions for future episodes with Rich Esserman and I thought of one that might be helpful. I’ve recently arranged for my first commission with an artisan pipe maker… the experience couldn’t be better; however, I couldn’t help wondering if I could have made the process easier (for myself AND for the pipe maker). Between Rich and yourself, I’m sure you’ve got lots to share on this subject! Perhaps a conversation that covers the do’s and don’ts of commissioning a pipe might be useful – or at least interesting – for your listeners? I’ve got almost a year to wait for my commission to be completed, but I’ll drop you another update when it’s done and share how things went! Take care… Moe.

  • A really good show. The advice on packing for a show, particularly the Chicago Show, was spot on. I’m getting too old to go to shows but I’ll be there in spirit.
    Charles was a very good guest. He was funny and had a lot of input on making and smoking a pipe. Definitely of superior quality when compared to the rookies you had on for while. This is definitely a guy who jumps in whole hog when he gets in to something.
    Hope the cruise is going as expected and that you aren’t having any unpleasant surprises.