Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 475

Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 475

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 475! Our featured interview tonight is with Jeremy Reeves. Jeremy is the Head Blender at Cornell & Diehl, which is one of the most popular boutique pipe tobacco companies in the USA. Jeremy has been a pipe smoker for over a decade and is passionate about pipes, pipe tobacco, and blending tobacco. He will be talking about the launch of Small Batch Carolina Red Flake with Perique. It launches tonight at midnight! (Eastern US time) At the top of the show Brian will go over an article with evidence of tobacco use from over 12,000 years ago. There’s lots of tobacco talk with Jeremy, plus the article at the top of the show makes for a tobacco packed hour. Sit back, relax with your pipe, and enjoy The Pipes Magazine Radio Show!

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Jeremy Reeves, Head Blender, Cornell & Diehl
Jeremy Reeves, Head Blender, Cornell & Diehl (Photo courtesy Cornell & Diehl)

Article we discuss: Humans used tobacco 12,300 years ago, seeds suggest

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5 Responses

  • The article you read from on tobacco being used some 13,000 years ago was first reported in 2013 in a science journal. It resurfaced recently in another magazine but it wasn’t a new discovery. Linwood was a tad late in finding the article.
    Excellent interview with Jeremy Reeves. He has greatly improved the Cornell & Diehl line of products during his tenure as Chief Blender. He has significantly improved their older offerings by greater control of quality and some very exciting new products. Kudos to him.
    I don’t have much of an ear for instrumentals so to me the music was okay.

  • The thoughts and processes in designing a blend, as described by Jeremy, were absolutely fascinating.
    And, his excitement in preparing something special for the pipe smoker was quite evident. Nice segment.
    John Coltrane is a favorite, and this mid-60s performance was just lovely.
    I told you this would happen, eating delicious Italian and Greek food. You’ve seen me. Either cut back, or join my club. There’s always the Big and Tall clothes shops.
    Thanks for an entertaining show,

  • What a great show! I could listen to Jeremy nerd out about tobacco all day. As it is I listened to the show twice. I was also lucky enough to be awake at midnight at grabbed a stash of the new Carolina Red w/Perique.
    The article you referenced was not breaking news, but was still fun to hear about.
    John Coltrane is sublime.
    Perhaps you could do a regular spot with Jeremy like you do with Jeff Gracik, that is, “Ask the Blender.”
    Another thought: how about a conversation between Mike MacNeil and Jeremy?

  • Thanks to Brian and Jeremy for great insight into the creation of a small batch blend. I savored the details, even to going down to St. James Parish to take part in the harvesting of tobacco for Perique. I started enjoying C&D blends when the outfit was still in Morganton, N.C., and at that time I though of C&D as the burley smoker’s McClelland. Now I feel Jeremy has filled the vacuum with C&D’s efforts to focus on sourcing Virginia leaf for exquisite blends. I will likely give this a second listening.

  • This was a very interesting and informative listen. I agree with Ira’s comment, I could listen to Jeremy nerd out about tobacco all day. John Coltrane was a nice musical break. It was my first time listening to this podcast, I will have to check out some previous ones a listen. A great episode.