Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 457

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 457! Our featured interview tonight is with pipe makers Michael Parks and Nate Rose about their exclusive project they are working on along with Les Wood for the Pipes2Smoke.com website, Commonweal Pipes. The pipes are all classic English shapes, all handmade, and production is limited to under 35 pipes a year. (Of interesting note, Michael was the first ever interview on the debut episode of September 27, 2012.) At the top of the show Brian will have a tobacco review of a “really old” vintage Capstan Blue.  Sit back, relax with your pipe, and enjoy The Pipes Magazine Radio Show!

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Michael Parks
Michael Parks
Nate Rose
Nate Rose

The Pipes Magazine Radio Show features interviews with pipe makers, tobacco blenders, pipe and tobacco aficionados, collectors, and more. Episodes air every Tuesday.

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Michael Parks and Nate Rose talk Commonweal Pipes

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7 Responses

  • Great show, Brian! I loved the interplay between “old” Mike and Nate “the kid”.
    And, a terrific idea for a collaboration on what are beautiful pipes.
    Summer is always the time for Bob Marley, so it’s nice to start a few days early.
    My prayers are with you and your family, as your other little bird spreads her wings of independence. Fly well and safe Samantha.
    Thanks for another always entertaining show.

  • Love my Commonweil pipe. A Canadian with a Cumberland stem. Glad they are doing the hard work to get these done. Thanks to Maxim, Les, Michael and Nate.

  • Brian. An excellent programme that I have only just recently found! I tend to listen whilst I’m gardening here in Oxford UK and it’s a great “companion” as I’m busy working away. I love the style of the interviews and general banter along the way. I’m following the advice to listen the the latest and then go back to old episodes. I’ve smoked a pipe since I was 18, so a few decades! It never ceases to fascinate me how we all have different tastes and one mans “Grail” blend is another’s tongue bite inferno! Always something new to learn….so thanks for doing the show. Regards, Adrian.

  • So, later on we learn probably, maybe, that a lot of Dunhill pipes were out of St Claude and inspected for completion in Great Britain/England, by Les Woods.
    Michael Parks at one point suggested that was his role in completing these legendary found stummels. ( I guess the actual source of these is not determinable, try as Brian might?)
    Nice stems on ’em! Nice blasting too.

  • It’s been a while. My phone was not organizing the shows like it used to, but the latest update seems to have made it more manageable. I binged like 6 shows on work road trip, so my comments are a mash up.

    I’ve really enjoyed the “ask the experts” as well as the newbies, intertwined. A full range of experience and ideas. The newbies were all interesting. I mean they are pipe smokers, what do you expect? I’m not great with names…the 23-year-old teacher was interesting, an old timer for sure. I like that one of his most liked guests was Steve Brown. Although that interview was not a great “pipe” interview, I have a lot of respect for Steve. The episode with Jon David was nice and keep somewhat on track. My answer for smoking with someone from the past is C.S. Lewis. I was glad to hear that the up-and-coming Dr. of pipes, bourbon guzzling, bible thumping Texan also chose him. My kind of guy.

    Brian, what do we call you now…Reverend, Rabbi or does doctor still trump those? Congratulations. It’s nice to catch up. Glad you and Kevin are keepin on, keepin on.

  • P.s. for music you should play Jon David Coe’s song, “you don’t have to call ma darling, darling”…maybe? Like I said I’m not good with names.

  • Decent show with a good review of Capstan Blue.
    I am sure Nate Rose is a fine carver and worthy of being a guest on the show. I would advise him to get his money up front before Parks springs a new “policy” on him.