Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 443

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 443! Our featured interview tonight is with Mike Zicha. Mike has some of the stereotypical pipe smoker attributes. He is contemplative, analytical, and smart. He has an MBA in statistics, and owns and leads his own market research firm. He also has one of the best tobacco review forms, which you can download here. We’re going to get pipe and tobacco geeky on this episode with a vertical tobacco tasting. At the top of the show in the Pipe Parts segment, we continue the theme of a technical show with “Ask the Pipe Maker” with Jeff Gracik. Sit back, relax with your pipe, and enjoy The Pipes Magazine Radio Show!

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Mike Zicha
Mike Zicha

The Pipes Magazine Radio Show features interviews with pipe makers, tobacco blenders, pipe and tobacco aficionados, collectors, and more. Episodes air every Tuesday.

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Mike Zicha Interview

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6 Responses

  • Mike is a good friend and fellow club member, with whom I’ve discussed this stuff many times. But, damn, you guys had me quite riveted to this whole conversation. I can’t imagine that those who are new to these experiments and examinations weren’t greatly informed and entertained by Mike’s and your insights. Great job, gents!
    I really, [I][U]really[/U],[/I] like Dan’s music! This piece was amazing, and an eloquent commentary on Benton’s painting [I]Bootleggers.[/I]
    This show truly lived up to it’s claim of “always entertaining.”

  • Great episode, but for some reason the form won’t download into Word. Can someone double check this? I’ve tried both on my iPhone and Surface and have had the same result. I’d really love to see this form.

    • Sorry. I thought I had it fixed, but I didn’t. I asked Mike to save it as a PDF.

  • Here’s [URL=’https://pipesmagazine.com/Mike-Zicha-Pipe-Tobacco-Evaluation-FormVersion3.pdf’]THE FORM[/URL]

  • This form is a nice little tool for doing comparative analysis between different yet similar blends. Additionally I can see the usefulness of this tool when assessing various ages of one specific blend, in the effort to define proper aging decisions. I like that there is standardization of the review/assessment criteria.
    Currently, I use the Hanna version which is less definitive on the assorted judgment criteria, so there is some potential for noise or inconsistency if the reviewer’s mind is not in the same place blend to blend, review to review. This form eliminates that potential for variation by channeling the path of thoughts on blend attributes. The document nicely allows for recording subjective notes; no question.
    One enhancement would be a scoring matrix grouped by the categorical review criterion subsections. Although numeric rankings do contain some level of subjectivity, an assigned numeric value would be another data point for consideration for comparative decision making. Nonetheless this is definitely an improvement to what is currently out there.
    Interesting and informative show.

  • Enjoyable show. I even liked the “Ask the Pipemaker” segment. I must confess that this show was a little too techy for me despite my love of techy things and my degree in Mathematics. I took statistics in grad school and had the lesson hammered home about Twain’s comments on the subject: “There’s lies, there’s damned lies, and there’s statistics.” Surprisingly I found listening to Zicha fairly informative and generally a pleasant fellow. Once a again a pipesmoker represented the fact that any position that is presented in a positive light devoid of ranting can be tolerated by the those of us who are less than tolerant of his position.