Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 440

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 440! Our featured interview tonight is with David-Dorian Ross from The Virtual Pipe Club. The club is a Facebook Group that was started on March 12, 2020 in the wake of COVID lockdowns. They currently have about 2,000 members, and have regularly scheduled live streaming shows, and hangouts with David-Dorian as the host. DDR is a Tai Chi Grandmaster. He is the CEO & Founder at Taijifit, and also has his own DVD on Amazon, Tai Chi Fit: OVER 50 Beginner Exercises.  At the top of the show in the Pipe Parts segment, Brian will discuss a former medical use for a tobacco pipe. This one is not for the faint of heart. Sit back, relax with your pipe, and enjoy The Pipes Magazine Radio Show!

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David-Dorian Ross
David-Dorian Ross

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David-Dorian Ross Interview

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3 Responses

  • I suggest that it would be good to supply us with DDR’s companies’ names – maybe we know someone who would want to learn more about Tai Chi, and/or the Vet programs!

  • A wonderful conversation with D-DR, that highlighted the new world of “virtual pipe shows” on ZOOM and YouTube, which have taken the place of [B][I]actual [/I][/B]pipe shows. While a very poor substitute for the meet and greet, talk, shmooz, trade and share of the real thing, these virtual “hook-ups” keep us all in touch, in weekly rather than, in some cases, annual gatherings. Bravo to him and other organizers for their efforts.
    Loved Bob’s original “Knockin'” (not a bad back-up group, including Roger McGuinn, Booker T. and Jim Keltner).
    Hope to see you at [I][U]our[/U] [/I]ZOOM meet on IPSD.
    Thanks for another always entertaining show,

  • I had heard about the “blowing smoke” deal before and thought it was kind of ludicrous until I thought about the state of medicine in that time and realized it was a time of just try things and see if they work. And with our endless tries at tempting fate and our reliance on nothing more than coincidence I realized it was inevitable.
    David-Dorian was great guest. He was talkative without dominating the discussion and genuinely an interesting guy. He has done us a great service by starting the Virtual Pipe Club. While I am definitely a non-participant in such thing I can see where it has tremendous value to pipesmokers everywhere. And then he talked about Tai Chi and Yoga. Great Caesars Ghost I couldn’t believe it. I realize millions of people pursue this but its just exercise and relaxing.
    Still making my mind up on Dylan’s musical effort. I guess I would say it was definitely better than the 5-and-a-half minute diatribe by Van Halen or whoever it was.