Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 431

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Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 431! On tonight’s show, we have a star-studded line-up of guests that make for some extremely interesting pipe and tobacco conversations. Brian recorded his Saturday Afternoon Zoom Pipe Club Chat, which included Jim York, Marty Pulvers, Tad Gage, Fred Hanna, Steve Fallon, Chuck Stanion, and more. At the top of the show, in “Pipe Parts”, Brian will discuss, “Pipes of Occassion”. Sit back, relax with your pipe, and enjoy The Pipes Magazine Radio Show!

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Brian Levine Zoom Pipe Chat
Brian Levine Zoom Pipe Chat

The Pipes Magazine Radio Show features interviews with pipe makers, tobacco blenders, pipe and tobacco aficionados, collectors, and more. Episodes air every Tuesday.

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We hope you enjoy our 1-hour show produced just for you—the pipe smoker and collector.

Saturday Afternoon Zoom Pipe Club Chat with Brian Levine, Jim York, Marty Pulvers, Tad Gage, Fred Hanna, Steve Fallon, and Chuck Stanion.

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6 Responses

  • That was fun! I’m sorry I left the ZOOM early. What a great bunch of people.
    I think that this is probably one of the few “up-sides” of the pandemic lock down.
    This virtual “pipe club” meeting, with people who you might get to see for only a brief time at the various Pipe Shows during a normal year, has become a highlight of our weekends. It’s brothers and sisters of the briar (Silver Gray and Mary McNiel often join in) talkin’ pipes, tobacco, a wide range of other stuff, and often, utter bullshit.
    I’m glad you enjoyed Mark Rubin and the Panorama Jazz Band. Phil Keaggy, as always, was terrific.
    I don’t have to worry about my socks, my wife turns them inside out, often with me still in them.

    • I was sorry you left early too, Dino. I think Brian didn’t give us a heads-up for fear we’d all leave. I’m sure you would have had some great stuff to add, Dino. It was really quite fun to have the Zoom moderated for 40 minutes. I probably won’t be there this week as our family Christmas celebration starts at 2:30 Central, although last week the meeting didn’t actually end until past 10 pm! After I had left the meeting for dinner, I had left my laptop plugged-in in the garage so that I didn’t have to transfer the host role to anyone else. So, I padded into the garage in my PJs just before bedtime to bring it inside, knowing the meeting would be over. Nope! Four or five guys were still chatting away.

  • Excellent show! This was most enjoyable. Getting to see more of these guys personalities was most interesting. This would be a great pipe club to be a part of. I would love to hear more of their discussions about tobacco, pipes, the culture, etc. Thank you for allowing us to step into this group for a few minutes.
    I would point out that with all this fine year has brought most of us, any day we wake up and get to light up is a special time for celebration. Bring out those pipes and tabacco. Don’t wait. We can’t imagine how challenging 2021 will be.


  • This week’s show was terrific. I’d be happy to hear this group ramble on anytime. Also enjoyed the music. Never heard that Hanukah song – and I’ve heard plenty – and I think it is right up there with the best (actually doesn’t take much.) The Silent night rendition was also impressive.

    Going back to last week, I wanted to thank you for taking my question to Jeg Gracik. I’m still wondering if there is a verifiable amount of time that the average briar pipe dries out. Just one of the mysteries of pipe smoking, I guess.

  • P.S. – I had the same experience as Fred with Rustica but was lucky enough to stop smoking before it hit the point of no return.

  • The show was extremely good. I enjoyed the pipe parts segment though I don’t have any pipes that consider as “Occasion” pipes. I know or know of most of the people you interviewed. They are a wonderful group of guys. I can understand about Fred’s reaction to HH Rustica. My stomach got a little queasy on the last fourth of the bowl. Set it aside until my stomach calmed down. After that I didn’t try any unless I had a full stomach and then I was okay. I have a habit of not saying much at pipe shows so most of the guys wouldn’t know me. Music was okay but nothing special.