Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 411

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 411! Our featured interview tonight is with Lyle Erickson. Lyle is a musician, and a pipe smoker. His band, Pitch Black Manor, recently reformed and just this month released a new album titled, “Monster Classics,” a 13-song all-Halloween themed album celebrating their shared interest in classic horror monster themes, goth rock music, and friendship. We will feature one of their songs in the music segment. At the top of the show, for our pipe parts segment, Brian will refer back to the Seven Questions for Seven Experts, and give you his answer to: “Why do some pipes smoke wetter than others?” Sit back, relax with your pipe, and enjoy The Pipes Magazine Radio Show!

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Lyle Erickson
Lyle Erickson

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Lyle Erickson Interview

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2 Responses

  • I greatly enjoyed this show. Lyle had friendly and engaging style to his patter. 100 pipes is a lot for a guy who says he isn’t much of a collector. But he is right compared to some folks he isn’t much of a collector.

    On your rant on baseball I am shocked that you could say so many inaccurate statements in so short a time. Name any sport that is currently playing and there are no fans there. NASCAR, Golf, you name it none of them are permitting fans. As for steroids in baseball its amazing that so many people blame baseball for this. Do you not understand that the Players Union would not allow any testing of players? It wasn’t until Congress stepped in that the Players Union folded on this issue and that was after McGwire and Sosa had their tremendous duel. Meanwhile pro football players and taking anything and everything by the bucket load and are basically given a four-game pass and nobody says much. And as for the cost of going to a game you’re saying going to a Yankees game is the standard. That’s the most expensive place on the planet to go to. Outside of Yankee stadium price things. Yes, MLB costs a lot of money to go to but so does everything else but not $500 per a family of four st other stadiums. Concessions are brutal at all sports/entertainment venues you go to.
    If you don’t like the game just saying it’s too slow, or its boring or something else equally innocuous, but don’t say things that are ridiculous and untrue.

  • This was a very engaging, fun show. Kyle’s breezy conversation was wide-ranging and refreshing. His song was “terribly” entertaining and, as you said, the album will be a perfect Halloween soundtrack.
    My disappointment with Major League Baseball is that Cubs games will no longer be broadcast on free TV. I’ve been watching them on WGN for more than 60 years. Now they want me to pay to watch. Ain’t happenin’.
    Thanks for an always entertaining show.