Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 407

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 407! Our featured interview tonight is with Mark Irwin. Mark is a freelance writer that co-authored The Peterson Pipe book. The book details the company’s history dating back to 1865. It includes old catalogs, brochures, information on specific pipes, and tons more. At the top of the show, for our pipe parts segment, Brian has a report on the production of oriental tobaccos in the Balkan countries. Sit back, relax with your pipe, and enjoy The Pipes Magazine Radio Show!

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Mark Irwin, Co-Author - The Peterson Pipe
Mark Irwin, Co-Author – The Peterson Pipe

The Peterson Pipe Book

Production Of Oriental Tobaccos In The Balkan Countries

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Mark Irwin Interview

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3 Responses

  • An absolutely delightful conversation with Mark! [I]The Peterson Pipe[/I] book is a masterpiece of research, scholarship, and thanks to Marie, a gorgeously illustrated, must-have book. I was lucky enough to get the first signed copy at the Chicago Show, and also won a copy of the Rathbone book, in the quiz following a showing of “The House of Fear.” Mark is a fascinating and genial person to shoot the sh** with, as I’ve been happy to do at a few Chicago Shows.
    The music was quite entertaining, with a powerful message.
    Best wishes for a successful auction. And, for those who don’t participate in the auction, do as I do, and make a cash donation to JDRF. My best friend’s son, like Brian’s daughter, is a Type 1 Diabetic, and it stands to reason, the more funding for research, the better the chances for a cure.

  • Great show! I really enjoyed the interview with Mark Irwin. I wish I could have gotten a copy of his book, it would have tremendous. He also wrote some wonderful stuff for Al Pascia (an Italian site). I used his articles for Al Pascia and Peterson when I used to write the KC club newsletter.
    Music was interesting.
    Diabetes is a son-of-a-bitch.

  • Excellent interview. I really enjoyed his knowledge and the journey of so many books. Although not my usual style, I rather enjoyed the music. Congratulations on the quantity of donations, sounds like a very good year. Great news on the NASPC show, I’ve already reserved a table. I hope all goes according to plan. Finally, great series of interviews on the seven esperts, I really enjoyed them.