Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 390

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 390! Our featured interview tonight is with Chris “Fuzzy” Felts. Chris is the Sales Agent for Augusta USA, which is the exclusive distributor for White Spot Pipes, a.k.a. Dunhill. If you’ve bought a Dunhill pipe anywhere between 2003 and now, Chris has touched it. He flies to London, and personally chooses each pipe that will be imported into the U.S. He started his tobacco career at Uptown’s, then transferred to their wholesale division, Music City Marketing. When Music City closed, he wanted to stay involved with Dunhill, and did. In Pipe Parts Brian will discuss the Black Patch Tobacco Wars. Yep, it was a thing. Sit back, relax with your pipe, and enjoy The Pipes Magazine Radio Show!

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Chris Felts & Kalmon S. Hener - Product Line Director of The White Spot division.
Chris Felts & Kalmon S. Hener – Product Line Director of The White Spot division.

Augusta USA

Black Patch Tobacco Wars

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Chris Felts Interview

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3 Responses

  • The Black Patch Wars was an extremely interesting item that I was a not aware of. Any time anybody tells you that there is the possibility of a benevolent monopoly they should read this. Chris Felts is a man out of time. How could he dress so elegantly and fit the Dunhill image to a “T” and talk like a hillbilly? I wonder how good hos dating of Dunhill pipes would be. Dom Clemons is simply an amazing musician.

  • Really good show. The story of the Black Patch Wars was captivating. I enjoyed the interview with Chris very much. He is clearly passionately devoted to the Dunhill heritage. I can just see those pipes dipping not a bath of oil as the spun around on that contraption he described. Enjoyed the music too.

  • Another good show. Love to hear the history and get some insight into the industry. Living in the PC part of Colorado where tobacco use is looked at close to mass murder, your show is as close to a pipe club as I can get. Thank you.