Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 389

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 389! Our featured interview tonight is with Rich Lewis. Rich is a Pipe Maker, Tobacconist, Tobacco Shop Owner, and Musician, and has almost 50-years in the industry. He started working in his dad’s store, The Lewis Tobacco Shop, in 1972 when he was 20-years old. In the 80s, he studied with some of the finest pipe makers in Italy and England. Rich is known for the “Armadillo” bowl shaping. He also makes great standard shapes. Rich’s son, George also makes pipes with him. In Pipe Parts Brian will answer a listener’s question on Dunhill Pipes, and discuss different eras of Dunhills. Sit back, relax with your pipe, and enjoy The Pipes Magazine Radio Show!

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Rich Lewis
Rich Lewis

Lewis Pipe & Tobacco

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Rich Lewis Interview

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5 Responses

  • I really enjoyed your conversation with Rich. It’s great to hear people with such a rich history (pun intended) in our community talk about pipes, tobacco, music, family and friends.
    I’ve met Rich a the Chicago Show, and he is a warm and friendly person to spend time with.
    Also, I own an early Lewis rusticated, calabash shaped, pipe #731, and it is a favorite among my collection…great smoker.
    Loved the music and the rant.

  • I enjoyed the discussion of Dunhill pipes and have always wanted a birth year Dunhill but when you consider its a 1947 its a little tough. I reached the age were you just have to let dreams die. I had a little trouble with this show because you kept talking like Rich was some kind of geezer and I’m five years older than he is. And when I’m with a group of pipe smokers I’m never the oldest one there. Enjoyed your rant about people trying to take our liberties away. It’s criminal the way liberals are constantly wanting laws that take away our freedoms, but somehow never impinge upon them. Liberals should be damned ashamed of themselves.

  • I find it hard to believe that a law has been passed prohibiting underaged folks from merely listening to a podcast. How would it be enforced? And doesn’t the notification only entice the underaged? Would someone post a link to that law?

  • Brian – love the show, always look forward to every episode. Great tips on buying a birthyear Dunhill and the eras to look for/steer clear of. My birth year is 1980, which seems to fall in that not so desirable Dunhill era and am wondering what other brands/makers I should look to for obtaining a birth year pipe in that year, production pipe or artisan carver….thanks and keep up the good work.

  • I sure do remember Rod Carew. He threatened my childhood hero’s standing batting average record.
    I watched a game with the Twins and the Sawx at Fenway back when I was a kid, and I remember some dipwad in the stands above the dugout on the third base side (visitor’s) threw a pack of firecrackers into it. Carew came out of their and was HOT. I didn’t blame him one little bit.
    He was an incredible baseball player.
    Winwood is tapped in to the essence of rhythm and sound. I still think his song, “Roll With It” is a lot like Jr. Walker’s “Shotgun”.
    Safe travels, Brian. Come home without it.