Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 388

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Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 388! Our featured interview on The Pipes Magazine Radio Show tonight is with Ted Swearingen. Ted is the Chief Operating Officer of Laudisi Enterprises Inc. Laudisi’s retail division is SmokingPipes.com. They also distribute, and either make or import Savinelli Pipes, Peterson Pipes, Rossi, Cornell & Diehl, G.L. Pease, Savinelli Tobacco, Briarworks, and Kiribi. Aside from Sykes Wilford, Ted is the top guy that makes sure everything happens that needs to happen to keep all of these brands hopping. In celebration of International Pipe Smoking Day, Brian has an extended conversation with Ted, so we skip the Pipe Parts segment. Interesting tidbit: Ted is the person that replaced Brian when he left SmokingPipes.com. Sit back, relax with your pipe, and enjoy The Pipes Magazine Radio Show!

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Ted Swearingen, Chief Operating Officer at Laudisi Enterprises
Ted Swearingen, Chief Operating Officer at Laudisi Enterprises

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Ted Swearingen Interview

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  • Pretty good show with the reticent Ted Swearingen. He can be a little difficult to get to open up but you did a nice job.