Collecting William Demuth & Co. (WDC) Pipes & related Tobacciana

On Friday, May 1 at The 2009 Chicagoland Int’l Pipe & Tobacciana Show, Tom Clasen gave a 1-hour presentation entitled, "Collecting William Demuth & Co. (WDC) Pipes & related Tobacciana".

The Program for Mr. Clasen’s talk read as follows; "Tom will speak of the life and times of William Demuth including a few personal glimpses into his life, and he will discuss the wide variety of pipes which have appeared with his distinctive trademark between roughly the 1860s and 1960s. He will discuss several other important people associated with the Demuth Company. Most importantly he hopes to display a selection of WDC pipes and advertising displays representing the various periods during the approximately 100 years of WDC. Tom will also discuss why it is fun to collect these and offer some insights on doing so."


For your viewing convenience, we have split the presentation into 12 clips of 5 minutes each. We would like to thank the Chicago Pipe Collector’s Club for the exclusive rights of publishing their videos from the show.

Video 0

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Video 1

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  • I really love the history and evolution of these companies. The presentations are good and informative, and I wish there would be more of these videos to see on this website.
    It would be nice, though, if people would have the courtesy of turning off their cell phones during these presentations. These guys have done a lot of work in these presentations and they are much appreciated by new entusiasts like myself.
    Thank you,and please continue the great work.
    Joe N.