Briar Pipe Repairs: Home Remedies

On Friday, May 1 at The 2009 Chicagoland Int’l Pipe & Tobacciana Show, "Dr. Chuck" Gray gave a 1-hour, 20-minute presentation entitled, "Briar Pipe Repairs: Home Remedies".

The Program for Dr. Chuck’s seminar read as follows; "Dr. Chuck, as he is known, will discuss simple home "Do it Yourself" repairs and remedies you can do by hand, with a minimum of power tools and equipment. He will cover basic cleaning, the use of a retort, briar dent removal, oxidation removal, and waxing. I will have some handouts for the participants. Possible other topics depending on time: proper buffing techniques; nomenclature cleaning; logo cleaning; stem bending; re-staining; tenon tightening; file and sandpaper work; draft and slot opening; and faux amber replacement stems."

For your viewing convenience, we have split the presentation into 18 clips of 5 minutes each. We would like to thank the Chicago Pipe Collector’s Club for the exclusive rights of publishing their videos from the show.

You can also read the article covering "Briar Pipe Repairs: Home Remedies" right here on the site:

Briar Pipe Repairs: Home Remedies

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2 Responses

  • Kevin,
    Super Info
    Obviously the Video and Sound are a bit hard to decipher in parts, may I suggest posting the following:
    1) The attached handout in “pdf” format that we can download
    2) Text list of materials and possible suppliers
    For us overseas members, this would be invaluable as we have no easy access to Pipe Repair shops, and shipping the pipes to USA or UK is very expensive, as well as the constant fear of them being lost in Mail or Fedex/DHL/UPS Courier service
    I just like to give you extra work. John