W.Ø. Larsen Old Fashioned Pipe Tobacco Review

Do you consider the term "Old Fashioned" to be positive or negative? I can certainly think of many positive connotations for the term Old Fashioned, and W.Ø. Larsen’s Old Fashioned is certainly one of them. This is a good ole fashioned, dead-on Virginia / Burley blend where the high quality tobacco flavor comes through loud and clear. If you like Virginia and Burley blends, (and even if you think you don’t) W.Ø. Larsen’s Old Fashioned is a must have for your smoking rotation.

I have to admit that I was a little skeptical at first, but that is because I had been smoking Latakia blends for two weeks prior. The first bowl of Old Fashioned was good, but it wasn’t until the 2nd and 3rd bowls that had me reaching for Old Fashioned for the rest of the week. I would actually start to reach for one of my favorite Latakias out of habit, and then my hand moved to the right and grabbed Old Fashioned off the shelf. This stuff just gets better and better.

Please note that I will not be doing any more reviews for the rest of the year because I just want to smoke W.Ø. Larsen Old Fashioned. Ok, I am kidding, but this one sure romanced me into falling in love with it. The funny thing is I was talking to our Associate Editor, Bob Tate, on the phone while I was smoking my first bowl and he asked me how it was. I told him it was ok – good, but not great. Scratch that Bob. This stuff is excellent! This is another example of why you should smoke more than one bowl of any tobacco before you decide what you think of it.

The tin is extremely handsome. When you open it, you are greeted with an upscale looking golden pouch that is hermetically sealed to keep in freshness. Open the pouch and you are greeted by the lovely sight of golden, brown and black ribbon cut tobaccos. They say Burley is nutty. Well now I know exactly what they mean. Unsealing the pouch inside the exquisite tin of W.Ø. Larsen Old Fashioned provides delicious aromas of sweet nuts, like a pecan pie.

W.Ø. Larsen Old Fashioned Hermetically Sealed Pouch W.Ø. Larsen Old Fashioned Tobacco
(I sacrificed my pouch for the picture by tearing it at the edges)
W.Ø. Larsen Old Fashioned Tobacco Close-Up
(Click for an extreme close-up)


Technically, this tobacco is classified as an aromatic because it does have some "top flavor" added, but it is very slight. Aromatic and non-aromatic smokers should both enjoy this tobacco. The flavor is mild and will be best enjoyed after refraining from heavy Latakia smokes for at least a day or two. The flavor is nuts, caramel, tea, and fresh tobacco. Smoking this transports me into the middle of a tobacco field. It is a great blend for English smokers that want something a little mild that is not heavily laden with casing. This could actually pass for a straight non-aro Virginia / Burley blend.

So, "Old Fashioned" can mean outdated, but it can also mean "retro", which is usually hip, cool and good. Old Fashioned can also mean the better way they used to do things before they got all messed up by "modernization". The two best "Old Fashioneds" I can think of are the drink made with whiskey or brandy, along with Angostura bitters, a piece of lemon-peel, and a small lump of sugar – and the other one is W.Ø. Larsen Old Fashioned tobacco. As a matter of fact, I am going to mix up an Old Fashioned Cocktail right now to go with my W.Ø. Larsen Old Fashioned Tobacco. I must have been a good boy lately, and if you want to treat yourself as well, I highly recommend the same.

SPONSORED LINK: W.Ø. Larsen Old Fashioned – Click Here to Order Now!

SPONSORED LINK: W.Ø. Larsen Old Fashioned – Click Here to Order Now!


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13 Responses

  • Good another tobacco I will have to try. Great review kevin, I love burley blend and will definitely give this one a try.

  • I wish there were more “Old Fashioned” things still around… I can smell the tobacco through the computer… This too will have to be on one of my orders in the near future! Thanks Kevin!

  • Thanks for the review Kevin. The other day I ordered a tin of Larsen’s Edition 2010, and I’m hoping it will be at least as good as Old Fashioned sounds. It will be a while, but I’ll definitely sample Old Fashioned too. Oh ya, nice pix.

  • I’m glad you enjoyed the review guys, and I am sure you will enjoy the tobacco too. Anyone that doesn’t try this is really missing out.

  • I always enjoy Reading reviews of Danish Tobacco. This one I haven’t tried yet, so that will go on my shopping list for next month.

  • Great review Kevin!
    You made me want to go out and get a tin to try right now!
    I agree that you should smoke a few bowls of any blend before casting judgment on it. That is why I always smoke at least 4-5 bowls of a blend in the same pipe before doing a review on it.
    This one will be added to my next tobacco order.

  • Great review! But I’m still quite sceptical – 1. It’s WØ Larsen, and everything I’ve tried from them is overly aromatic. 2. It looks like an aromatic (if that makes any sense). 3. These tins don’t hold moisture very well, and if they do, it’s because the tobacco itself is cased like a mother..
    I like the picture of the tin though. Looks like Aarhus or Copenhagen in the old days 🙂

  • Hmmm…now you have me thinking about the ancient tin of WO Larsen No 80 I have sitting in the cellar. I may just have to pop it open later this week.

  • Great review ! I’ve been trying to find W.O.Larsen #32 and haven’t been successful , but saw this blend while I was looking . I will give it a try . Thanks for the recommendation .

  • Now I wished I had picked-up a tin of this when I was at Edward’s Pipe Shop in Denver last week. I just wasn’t sure about it, and when you are looking at $15.00 and up, you think twice. Another unfortunate item I noticed when I was pawing through tins on the shelf is a lack of information on many tins. I don’t espect tade secrets, but a general reference to the types of tobacco inside would help. Bottom line, you have to research what you want before you leave home.

  • We used this as a contest tobacco at the Briary back in 2009, and I immediately went and bought two tins.
    I was pleasantly suprised with this blend, having a light top flavor without the typical Danish “sugar shock” you can get with some of the other Larsen Blends.
    For those of you concerned about the top flavor, I reccommend opening the inside pouch and letting the tobacco “breathe” for about 2 hours before loading the pipe, especially if you don’t like Danish aromatics. The aroma of maple syrup/oatmeal cookie(?) will hit you with force once you first open the tin. This tobacco became more flavorful to me after spending about a day with the seal broken. The virginias and burley are of great quality and will hold up by themselves.

  • Spot-review. I discovered Old Fashioned about a year ago and invested in several of their somewhat pricey tins. But what price glory? So back then I posted a similarly ecstatic review at Tobaccoreviews.com (my handle there is babysinister).

  • I have like 9 or 10 bags at home and i love it ^^
    but most people that i know who tries it doesnt like it
    but nice to see that there are others that like it too ^^