The Truth About Pipe Smoking

Chain smoking cigarettes is obviously not good for you. Unfortunately, the great majority of the public doesn’t know that a leisurely, occasional luxury smoke, like a cigar or pipe, can actually help you relax and keep you healthier. See below.

Here are two men who enjoy moderate pipe smoking as an ideal antidote to stress to help them live happy, relaxed and youthful lives. Paul Perri (left), age 95, and Rick Newcombe, age 65. “You live longer with a pipe,” said Ed Kolpin, founder of a pipe store in Santa Monica in 1928, which became known as the original Tinder Box, and he ran the store until his death in 2007, at the age of 97.

The above photo and caption was sent in my Rick Newcombe. Rick is the author of several pipe books, a collector of high-grade pipes, and founder of Creators Syndicate—the first successful independent newspaper and internet syndication company since the 1930s.

Rick is also one of the very first members to join when it launched in 2009. He was also one of the first believers in this digital magazine and community when many others were skeptical.

1 Response

  • I once asked my doctor about pipe smoking, to paraphrase his response he said that although he didn’t recommend “smoking” he also didn’t recommend sitting idly by while stress did it’s dirty work in both our minds and bodies. I believe that the harm that may be caused by moderate pipe smoking is more than balanced by the relaxation that it provides.