Pipe Smoking is Different and Better

I was surfing around the Internet … picture a 45 year-old with mustache and goatee on a virtual surfboard with pipe in mouth … when I came upon a post by Ryan Oakley on his “Grumpy Owl” blog.
As many of you know, last Friday was International Pipe Smoking Day, and that is what prompted Ryan’s post.
I like how he compares and contrasts the differences between pipe smoking and cigarette smoking. He mentions cigars too, which I smoke as well.
Ryan says:

Two pipe smokers can sit down and discuss the art for hours.  Speaking in jargon, we’ll recommend blends, the appropriate vessel to smoke them in and talk about flavours.  The conversation may occasionally veer into cigars or hookahs but cigarettes will only be mentioned with absolute contempt.
Most of us started by smoking those.  Then we grew up.  Cigarettes are for children.   Once you reach college age, you need to decide whether you’re going to be a cigar smoker or a pipe smoker; a money man or an idea man.   But what you cannot continue to be is a cigarette man.  Those people are just suckers.

Read the rest of his great post here:
International Pipe Smoking Day

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