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By Bob Tate

Current Production Tin
Current Production Tin - Current Artwork
My Tin
My Tin - Original Artwork

The tin that I am reviewing has over 5 years of age on it. The tin has the old artwork on it. The blend is the same, just the artwork was changed. The tin aroma is a very nice smoky and sweet smell with a little bit of a tang in the nose. The moisture level is a little on the wet side and some drying time wouldn’t hurt. I loaded up my pipe using the Three Step Method and proceeded to the charring light.

On the charring light, I was greeted by a nice smoky flavor with a baseline of sweetness. It tasted very nice. Aroma wise, there was a nice smoky smell of the Latakia with some sweetness from the Virginia and Orientals. I finished lighting the pipe and settled in for the smoke.

At the beginning, I tasted the smokiness from the Latakia and there is a lot of sweetness to the flavor as well. The flavor and smoking aroma of the Latakia is light and subdued. This may have to do with the 5 years of age on this blend. The flavors from the smoke are very married and intermingle with each other. I am also picking up on a slight bitterness that is not completely unpleasant, but more along with the bitterness that is in black coffee. The flavor profile of this blend stayed the same from start to finish.

This blend is a one dimensional, but decent smoke. It smoked cool, dry, and didn’t bite. It is on the lighter side of Latakia blends. The Latakia is not too in your face with this blend. If you like Lighter Latakia blends, Old Dublin might be up your alley. I Recommend it.

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Brand: Peterson
Blend: Old Dublin
Description: A supreme style of smoking mixture based on the renowned cool smoky aroma of Cyprus Latakia. Added are selected Golden Virginia with aromatic Black Cavendish and sweet Greek Oriental Basma Grades.
Country: Ireland
Cut: Ribbon
Tobaccos: Virginia, Latakia, Oriental, Black Cavendish
Strength: Medium
Taste: Smoky, Sweet, Slight Bitterness
Room Note: Tolerable

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Peterson Old Dublin – Click Here to Order Now!


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