Central MI U Students Smart U of OK Students Dumb

I was elated a couple of months ago when I read a Wall Street Journal article that pipe smoking was making a come-back and some of this new popularity was being discovered on college campuses. They told of students smoking pipes at Central Michigan University, Vanderbilt University, University of Illinois, University of California at Riverside, and Temple University, in Philadelphia. The Wall St. Journal Article is Here
Well all of those students should thank their lucky stars that they do not go to the University of Oklahoma where “the UCO Student Association Senate passed a resolution that puts the university on the path to becoming tobacco free.
The resolution, which passed by a majority vote of 45 to 37, called for making the campus entirely tobacco free. The resolution bans cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, snuff, spit tobacco, as well as herbal tobacco products.” – Full Article

And they are very proud of themselves!
I think they should all be sent home and given a spanking by their parents, and grounded for a week.
Unfortunately, the majority of people are lemmings and sheep and believe whatever the media and pleasure police tell them. So many people are still buying into all the second-hand smoke falsities that have been manufactured by anti-smoking Nazis. That is a good name for them too. Did you know that Hitler was vehemently against smoking? He hated smoking almost as much as he hated Jews.
Instead of banning tobacco, they should ban stupidity and then we would be rid of at least 45 students over there.
I better go smoke a pipe and relax.

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  • “The amount of intelligence in the universe is a constant and the population is growing”
    As one Radio Announcer in Trinidad said
    If you send a donkey to University, don’y expect to get back a race horse, you’ll just get an educated Jack Ass”

  • Dispiriting, to be sure. It would be understandable if the Student Association Senate were a truly representative body. My guess is that it’s far from that, in practice at least, and that a handful of control freaks are imposing their will on the rest of the student body. I suspect this because the WSJ article indicates that pipe smoking is growing in popularity within this age cohort, and college kids are pretty much the same nationwide.