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New pipe tobacco review site, is still evolving near the end of it’s first month and has added more features based on user feedback.

A new feature at the top of the home page will immediately tell a visitor how many tobaccos are in the database, and how many reviews have been done by how many different people.

As of this writing, there are 575 tobaccos currently in the database with 123 individual reviews having been made by 43 different reviewers.

According to Kevin Godbee, Operating Manager of Right Click Media, LLC, owner of the site, "This is a slow and steady build. Although we quickly developed the site in just six weeks, from concept to launch, we know it takes time to build an audience along with the content. Our Flagship site, started from nothing and has grown into the largest pipe smoking informational site in the world. We have a plan to make the 2nd largest by the end of this year. One hundred and twenty-three individual reviews in 3-weeks is not bad at all, and we thank the pipe smoking public for their participation."

Embed YouTube Video Reviews

Many pipe smokers enjoy publishing their own pipe tobacco video reviews on YouTube. Anyone with a free registered account on can embed their YouTube video reviews. This is a unique feature that no other tobacco review site offers.

Other features include:

  • Free User Registration
  • User profile which tracks your reviews
  • Review items using an inbuilt word processor
  • Star ratings
  • Vote for how helpful other reviews have been
  • Suggest items for review using the contact form
  • Search all reviews using keywords
  • Sort reviews by author, date, rating or title
  • View general statistics for the review site

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  • I’m hopeful that participation will steadily grow. Two features that I especially appreciate are the “deep search” for keywords, and the use of “Tobacco Category”, or genre, as an organizing principle. This latter feature serves as an excellent orientation to the bewildering variety of tobacco brands on the market.