Mac Baren’s Strongest Pipe Tobacco Ever: HH Bold Kentucky

Kevin Godbee
The Mac Baren Tobacco Company today released the strongest tobacco they have ever made. The new HH Bold Kentucky is so strong that it is the first Mac Baren tobacco to ever be rated a 4 on the company’s strength scale. Each Mac Baren tobacco tin has a scale of 1 to 5, but in over 125-years, they have never produced a tobacco stronger than a 3. HH Bold Kentucky, at a 4 rating is definitely not for beginners.

In recent years, it seems that the market has been demanding stronger and stronger tobaccos, both in premium cigars, and pipe tobacco. A great benefit for those that can handle the larger amount of nicotine is the exceptional flavor of Dark Fired Kentucky tobaccos. They really taste delicious—earth, leather, and smoky, but not smoky like Latakia, more like roast pork. Mac Baren calls HH Bold Kentucky a tobacco "for pipe smokers with hair on their chest and big tattoos".

This new blend is a hot pressed flake with a large amount of Dark Fired Kentucky from Africa and the USA, and some Virginia tobaccos from Brazil and the USA. It is an English style, meaning it has no top flavor added, and just a minimal amount of casing that is all natural.

It is currently available in 1.75 oz (50 gram) tins, and will later be available in 3.5 oz (100 gram) tins as well.

It can currently be ordered from here.

Download a PDF brochure here.

5 Responses

  • I have been smoking this the last few days and I would have to take MB’s word for it that this is the strongest tobacco they have ever blended. However, it is not something I would call “strong”. More like an upper medium. Its flavor is somewhat reminiscent of FVF. I have never met a level of nicotine that appreciably bothered me so to me this had a good nicotine kick without being annoying.
    I don’t have the tastes buds or eloquence of E. Roberts to describe the flavor of this tobacco other than I liked it and plan to keep on smoking it.

  • Jeez, I tried some this last Thursday at our Austin Pipe Club meeting – and I got a serious nicotine hit, very 5 brothersish. I enjoyed the bottom half of the bowl considerably better than the top half, took a bit for the flavors to meld.

  • I have been smoking this tobacco for about a week and must say i do like smoking it, that being said it does take a really long time to finish a bowl.
    I’ve gone to layering it in my pipe with say bayou mornig 1/3 bowl HH Bold Kentucky 2/3’s Bayou Morning the HH is first 1/3 loaded in pipe it been enjoyable.
    I agree with KC Ghost it is not as strong as it is portended to be but none the less its now in my rotation.

  • Gentlemen, you belong to the group of smokers with hair on the chest and big tattoos