International Pipe Smoking Day

On February 20, 2009 Pipe Smokers around the globe will “raise their pipes together to foster friendship, benevolence, and tranquility across all borders,” according to the United Pipe Clubs of America.
This February, International Pipe Smoking Day will be celebrated for the second time. The Comite International des Pipe Clubs or CIPC, which is the umbrella club for many of the national pipe smoking clubs such as the United Pipe Clubs of America, is very excited to celebrate the day.
According to CIPC’s official website, “We envision a worldwide communion of pipe-smokers that is bound together by a shared love for pipe-smoking, mutual respect, and goodwill” on February 20, 2009.
International Pipe Smoking Day was celebrated for the first time last year when it was originated by Smokers Forums, a European Internet group. This year, it is being supported by the Comite International des Pipe Clubs and its members in 25 countries around the world. UPCA is the United States member of CIPC.
The UPCA website explains that, “On this day we will … celebrate the noble art of pipe-smoking and the … spirit which pervades the brotherhood and sisterhood of the briar. We will put into practice the time-honored and ancestral traditions of raising our pipes in unison to toast each other and share a bowl together.”
To celebrate the occasion, many pipe clubs and tobacconists across the United States, Europe and elsewhere are staging pipe smoking events at 9:00 p.m. locally to bring together their members and others interested in pipe smoking.
In addition, the event is being supported by the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association. The IPCPR represents more than 2,000 retail tobacconists – mostly mom-and-pop small business owners – as well as manufacturers and distributors of premium cigars, pipes, accessories and gifts.
“With ever-changing values, International Pipe Smoking Day provides an opportunity for briar lovers to speak up with pride and tell the world that pipe smoking has a rich history as part of an enjoyable and relaxing lifestyle. For pipe smokers everywhere, the day will be emblematic of our shared values, traditions and aspirations,” said Vernon Vig, president of the UPCA.
About UPCA
The United Pipe Clubs of America was organized in 2002 as a national federation of pipe clubs in the United States. Its purpose is to promote and protect the interests of the American pipe smoking community by encouraging and assisting in the formation of local pipe clubs and actively supporting their activities, including pipe shows and pipe smoking competitions. UPCA’s broader goals are to bring American pipe smokers together by facilitating the sharing of information and ideas between its member clubs and to maintain smokers’ enthusiasm for the hobby by presenting a positive public image of the culture and traditions of pipe smoking and collecting.
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