Dunhill Tobaccos are in Stock!


Black Friday has come early for pipe smokers wanting to get their hands on Dunhill pipe tobaccos here in the US.

Get them while they’re hot! Order here.


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  • This is always welcome news. There’s been some talk on TobaccoReviews.com that the new Dunhill blends are better than ever before. That’s a nice turn of events because so often we hear about re-incarnations being a mere shadow of the former product.
    The predictability of this kind of carping strains my credulity. To listen to the nay-sayers one would think that the blenders re-creating those old blends had no taste buds, let alone access to samples of the old labels; and that the critics’ memories are more trustworthy. I think it’s like “the good old days”, which really weren’t as good as we would like to remember them.
    Can anyone compare the new Dunhill tobaccos to the old?