Country Girl Smoking a Corn Cob Pipe

Here’s Chelsea hanging out at the farm enjoying a beautiful Summer day in the country. She is aptly decked out in her plaid shirt, denim skirt, and cowgirl boots.

The Missouri Meerschaum "Mizzou" Corn Cob Pipe completes the picture of a perfect sunny day in the country relaxing with a pipe.

Country Girl Smoking a Corn Cob Pipe – CLICK HERE FOR FULL GALLERY

You can buy the pipe Chelsea is smoking here

You can buy the pipe Chelsea is smoking here

6 Responses

  • Wow first a meerschram, then churchwarden, now a corn cob. I really think this young beautiful hazel eyed lady deserves to become our offical pipe smoking lady representive. Also, Chelsea, if should by chance read this I think a calander may be in order? And if your in search of a different pipe to try. I own a very authentic unsmoked Native American ceremoinal pipe. That I purchased in Pipestone Minnesota. Hand made by Native craftsmen. Native Americans say the pipe was given to them by a beautiful spirt women. I can’t imagine anyone else more perfect then yourself. Send me an address to send it too if you would like to add to another great photo shoot

  • I guess I need to start making screen savers and wallpapers. Simon, I have larger size photos if you want me to send you a few.