Confessions of a Pipeman 2nd Edition is a Must-Read

The book Confessions of a Pipeman … an irreverent guide for today’s pipe-smoking man, has just been released in a second edition. There’s 50% more text and illustrations than the first, and it’s now all-color.

I’ve read the first edition of Confessions of a Pipeman and thoroughly enjoyed it. The author, Gary B. Schrier, is not afraid to cause a little controversy, debate, and certainly inspires thinking and even a little laughter with some of his profound, blunt assertions.

Chapters include …

1. Pipe Smoking Today
2. The Real Pipeman is Dead
3. What to Do if You’re New
4. Reading the Lifestyle
5. Lessons on Etiquette
6. Savoir-Faire
7. Dunhill is Dead. Long Live Dunhill
8. Cigars by Far
9. The Right Pipe
10. The Right Tobacco
11. Old Tobacco
12. Pipe Preservation
13. The Collecting Obsession
14. On the Tobacco Road
15. Cavendish
16. The Pipe Club
17. Your Place to Smoke
18. The Healthy Smoker
19. Heart of Hearts
20. Truths, Half-Truths and Lies
21. What Others Have Said
22. You Might be a Pipeman if
23. What if You Should Die
24. Mentoring

There are many excellent suggestions for today’s pipe smoker. In some ways, "Confessions" reminds me of another book; "The Gentleman’s Guide to Life". I recommend that one too, especially for the younger guys in the audience, but Confessions of a Pipeman should be read by all pipe smokers. It’s a combination advice-guidebook, entertainment, and blunt editorial that you will sometimes agree with and other times disagree with. It will make you laugh, say "hell yes!" and "hell no!"

Confessions of a Pipeman … an irreverent guide for today’s pipe-smoking man is a great book to read while smoking your pipe.

Instructions on Ordering:

You can order Confessions of a Pipeman directly from the author’s publishing company, Briar Books. You will find some other nice titles for the pipe smoker on the site that you may want to consider as well.

While I love the book, the ordering system is a little clunky, so you will need a little patience. Look for the Order link in the top navigation, (not on the book description pages), and make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom of that page for the "Buy Now" button.

Before you click the Buy Now button, make sure you already have a list of book titles and prices typed up as you will have to manually fill in an order form.

It’s worth the extra effort though, and you can also order by snail-mail … and if you remember to make a special request for a personal inscription, Gary will do that for you. He autographs all of his books, which is a nice touch.

Confessions of a Pipeman

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  • Thanks for the review and links Kevin. Sounds like just the ticket… with Christmas coming, and all…