Brugo Pipes, Harlequin Humidor Spotlight Arango’s Distributorship of Mastro de Paja

Arango Cigar Co. is now the exclusive U.S. distributor for Mastro de Paja products. Mastro de Paja is the world-renowned Italian creator of upscale artistic briar pipes and cigar humidors. Arango acquired the inventory and distribution rights to Mastro de Paja in 2011, from XYZ Direct, Ltd.

Mastro de Paja was formed in 1972 … but not for profit. Its founders, a consortium of Italian pipe lovers, only sought world recognition for their high-value briar pipe styles. The company resides in the Adriatic city of Pesaro, home of many Italian artisans and pipe craftsmen. Many world-renowned Italian pipe masters learned the craft of pipe-making in the Mastro de Paja factory. Since 1994, ownership of the company has been in the hands of Sr. Alberto Montini.

Arango is spotlighting two outstanding Mastro de Paja products for both pipe and cigar smokers. Just introduced, and created exclusively for Arango, the "Brugo" line of pipes retail for $120. Arango’s president, Michael Gold states, "No Mastro de Paja pipe has ever been offered in the U.S. at this price. Now anyone can afford a Mastro de Paja." Brugo is available in six classic shapes, as interpreted by Sr. Montini and the individual artisans, and is offered only as a rusticated model. All Brugos have black Lucite stems, exclusive to each pipe.

The "Harlequin" humidor comes in 25 and 50 cigar capacities. It is a very desirable product, combining artistry with utility. The Harlequin is finished in a modern, multi-colored geometric patchwork of rare and exotic wood inlays, edged in polished ebony. Some of the inlays are in the woods’ natural colors, while others are stained. The exterior is entirely hand-crafted. It offers a security lock and handsome rugged brass hardware. Cigars are divided between a lift-out ventilated tray with dividers, and a lower compartment. A calibrated analog hygrometer and humidification system ensure the cigars’ freshness. The world-famous Mastro de Paja signature, an Imperial Roman sun medallion, graces the inside lid. MSRP for the 25-cigar Harlequin is $400; the 50-cigar box retails for $500.

Also bearing the famous sun medallion logo, Mastro de Paja briar pipes come in several price and quality categories. Manufacturer’s suggested retail pricing for the least expensive Mastro de Paja-branded pipes start at around $200. Three levels up in quality, at the top of the company’s pipes, retail prices start at about $375. This line of pipes can cost over a thousand dollars.

Mastro de Paja pipes exemplify the Italian penchant for fluid curves, as well as Sr. Montini’s talent at innovation and artistic interpretation of the "old classic" pipe shapes. The pipes are unrivaled in their finish. Fine detail work is also a signature of these pipes, giving them a personal touch.

Mastro de Paja’s complete catalog of pipes and cigar humidors is currently available at better tobacconists across the U.S.

3 Responses

  • It’s nice to see that these great pipes will be more affordable for new smokers, I’m sure the Brugo line will be a hit.

  • This is very exciting news, as I have wanted a Mastro de Paja for years and they have been difficult to come by.