Arango Cigar Co. Debuts Four Diverse Pipe Designs by Erik Nording for Summer 2009

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"Pipe smokers should be intrigued by Erik Nording’s four new, strikingly different approaches to pipe-making, the moment they see them at tobacco retailers shops," states Arango president, Michael Gold. He adds, "They represent such diverse additions to the pipe-making art, they stimulate the imagination with their novelty."

Erik Nording became one of Arango’s newest suppliers last year. Arango is the exclusive U.S. distributor for his world-class Briar Pipe lines. The Danish Carver, a trend-setting pioneer of the freehand school, Nording is widely acclaimed as being one of the top artisans for craftsmanship, style, and smoking performance. His Erik Nording Briar Pipes have held worldwide collectible status for decades.

The first selection, the Nording Signature Standard, is available in two sizes, Big and Small. Both are billiard shapes, described by the Carver as "Very clean, not needing rustication or putty. These pipes smoke very well, with a bowl color that transitions from tan to brown at the top, over an ivory bottom." This is because the pipes are ‘raw,’ without being stained, and draw their coloring naturally from the smoking process." Manufacturer’s suggested retail pricing for the Signature Standard in both sizes is $50.

An eye-catching second item, the Nording Briar Block Pipe, takes the form of an unfinished block of the same high-elevation briar he uses to make his freehand pipes. It has a freehand stem, so the smoker can start enjoying its cool smoking performance right away. Then, over time, it can be carved into its own exclusive appearance. This pipe retails for $30.00.

Erik Nording’s latest pipe creation, the Briar Block, let’s people carve their own pipe


The Churchwarden-Style pipe is next, a special, deeply-carved freehand with two long stems and a silver band. This pipe retails for $100.00.

Erik Nording’s Fantasy Churchwarden pipe, new for 2009, features two stems


Nording is especially pleased with his Hunting Pipe and Knife Set. The Set is presented in a wooden box that displays a custom Billiard-Style Pipe and a Cobalt Hunting Knife with sheath. It retails for $200.00. All four models will join the entire line of Erik Nording pipes, at select tobacco retailers nationwide, starting this September.

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  • I love my Nording Freehands that I own. They both smoke great!
    I also really like the way that the churchwarden pipe that you have pictured looks!
    I have seen the Nording block for sale before and have always contemplated buying it to try out my hand at carving my own pipe, but I have never done it. I am too afraid that I will murder the briar with my carving skills. I still might give it a try one of these days though.

  • Murderer!
    LOL! That’s my fear too. I think I am much better at smoking than carving.

  • Did somebody, say ‘murderer’? Give me a shout anytime you have too much venison or other gamemeat on your hands!
    Jethro, fetch my shotgun! A critter’s a coming and we gonna git viddles! [Granny, Beverly Hillbillies]