Seattle Pipe Club 10th Anniversary 5-minute “Highlight Reel”

The Seattle Pipe Club recently celebrated their 10th anniversary with a dinner and awards party. was invited to cover the event and will have an in-depth article published shortly. Part of the event included a "Lighting of the Clay Ceremony", which can be much more appreciated in a video rather than described in words.

As a lead-up to our main article of the Seattle Pipe Club’s 10th Anniversary Celebration, here is a 5-minute "Highlight Reel" with the ceremony happening about halfway through.


Video Courtesy of The Seattle Pipe Club


2 Responses

  • That was a terrific little video with great production values! I am such a fan of, and sucker for, ritualism and custom; and this ceremonial lighting of the clay reminds me of the reverence that people have always had for tobacco. It’s nice to think that it forges links among us in the brotherhood of the pipe, and connects us with the Native Americans who introduced it to us so long ago. Every time I light-up, those bonds are felt — even if subliminally.
    I can hardly wait for the article covering the 10th anniversary activities.