May 2017 Caption Contest Sponsored by & Savinelli Cartoon Caption Contest Sponsored by & Savinelli

Welcome to the May 2017 Cartoon Caption Contest. Cartoonist Jerry King creates pipe cartoons exclusively for every month. Each month, one of the four cartoons will be published without a caption so contest entrants can submit their own entries. and Savinelli co-sponsor the monthly contest. Editorial Staff will judge the entries and will award the prizes. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will each receive prizes as follows.

1st place: Kiribi lighter
2nd place: Savinelli tamper, Savinelli sticker
3rd place: Velvet pouch, 3-in-1 pipe tool, Savinelli sticker

For legal and logistical reasons, the contest is only open to residents of North America, excluding Quebec.

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:: See the April 2017 Winners Here

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  • Hi I loved comic caption write your own contest but i would like to see is some pipe smokers enter a short story 5 page comic book of pipe smoking characters they made up. who ever makes great comics that everyone wins that way and you and can put age ratings on the comic book pages. after the contest of 5 page comic book will make issues of comic books about pipe smoking episodes funny ones though. for example smoking a pipe at the doctors office and it had a sign that says no smoking. be create think outside of the box just saying to pipe smokers out there and pipes magazine website and thanks for enjoying my message