May 2012 Cartoon Caption Contest Winners Sponsored by

We are excited to announce the May 2012 Winners for the Cartoon Caption Contest Sponsored by

1st Place – J.P. Hanna, Wadsworth, OH
2nd Place – Frank Siurano, Los Angeles, CA
3rd Place – Diston Nelson, Cahokia, IL

Captions are shown below –

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9 Responses

  • Wow! Very cool! I had totally forgotten about this and I just received an email from Kevin saying I had won a Sebastien Beo Pipe from! How cool is that?!
    Thanks, Kevin! and thanks to Sebastien Beo and (I love that place!)!
    Congrats to the other winners! I will definitely post a photo with my new Sebastien Beo! Awesome!

  • Ha! Thanks for the opportunity to participate. I had fun working this one out, and am excited about winning a pipe! They say that laughing at your own jokes is a sign of being self-absorbed… but I have to admit that I just laughed and laughed after that brief flash of comic awareness 🙂 Congrats to my fellow winners and thanks Kevin for sweetening the pot with the prizes – J.P. Hanna (Stogie37)

  • Lol Congrats everyone. I totally agree on the choice of the winner. Blew my joke out of the water haha. PIPES FOR EVERYONE!

  • Congrats to the winners! This was a toughie for me, so I really appreciate the very clever competition. There are some truly bright and witty people in our community!

  • Thanks to Kevin and Greg, and Sebastien Beo and congratulations to the other winners.
    Diston Nelson aka batdemon

  • Hey Kevin,
    Just got my brand new Sebastien Beo pipe, courtesy of you guys and, and, wow! What a beauty! Classic French styling, really excellent fit and finish, the briar is super pretty (especially for its price point)! Nice cross grain and even birdseye, and the light weight and beautifully tapered stem make this the perfect clencher! Comes in a beautiful box, in an even more beautiful, thick, wine-colored velvet pipe bag (even the packaging details are beautiful). And wouldn’t you know it? I just looked through my pipe collection and realized I did not have even one straight, smooth, classic billiard! That is, until now!
    Thanks again to Kevin, and for this very cool prize! I will post a pic (toby in chamber burning, pipe in my gob) just as soon as I get a chance. Thanks again, guys!
    Frank S.
    aka Sorringowl