Coley is Smoking a Jürgen Moritz Pipe

Please welcome back Pipe Babe Coley for her 3rd appearance. We introduced you to her in December 2014. Coley has beautiful, luxurious, long hair down to her derriere, and she frequently serves drinks to publisher, Kevin Godbee. Coley has been bartending for 15-years, and is a Florida native. With the hot, humid FL weather and her long hair, she frequently puts it into a ponytail, which is named Penelope—Godbee’s martini-fueled idea. Speaking of names, her pet Yorkie is named Mr. Oliver Ruggles.

As if it’s not cool enough that she smokes a pipe, she used to have her own jewelry line called Cole 45. All of the designs involved bullet casings from guns that she actually shot. She says; “I also shoot primitive bows and arrows and other kinds of stuff.” One of her favorite animals are snails. “I have loved them since I was a kid and I have 7 pet snails.” Her drink of choice is Jim Beam Bourbon, and her tobacco favorites are English and Virginia.

Coley hopes to retire by owning a doggie daycare “so I can play with furry babies all day long.” When she turned 30, she got rid of all of her belongings and drove to California and back “just to see the country.” She has a passionflower tattoo on her left wrist, her favorite band is Pink Floyd, and her hair is naturally purple. This shoot was done at Central Cigars in St. Petersburg, FL. Coley is smoking a Jürgen Moritz pipe from Godbee’s personal collection. Photos by Barry Lively of B. Lively Images. Hair & Make-up by Brittany Addison.

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