Excellent Response to Anti-Tobacco Nazi

Here is a perfect example of how the anti-smoking / anti-tobacco crowd aggressively pushes for the trampling of our rights and freedoms, tries to turn smokers into pariahs, is rude, ill-informed, and self-righteous, while at the same time, us pipe smoker’s are even-tempered, logical, intelligent, and respectful.
Scroll to the comments on the article linked below, and read comment #7 from Carol, and then read Cortzattic’s response to her just below it.
Ocean City Maryland Public Park Smoking Ban.

1 Response

  • Nice. The trick is to try to stick to the facts and not get swept up in the animosity. Funny how the cigarette butt litter came up. That’s weird on two levels: it’s a littering offense not exclusive to smoking, and I have yet to find the cigarette butt dispenser on any of my pipes.