Cynthia Smokes a Dunhill Root Briar 130 F/T

This photo shoot makes me both happy and sad. I’m happy that this is the most beautiful and elegant shoot ever done by Cynthia for Pipes Magazine. I’m sad because it may be the last. She has just graduated college and will soon be starting her career in the film industry. We even had to cancel a new shoot that was to happen at the Chicago Pipe Show as it didn’t fit Cynthia’s schedule.

The pipe Cynthia is smoking is from the Aaron Spelling Estate, and from my personal collection. It is a 1961 Root Briar in the classic Dublin shape. I vow to never clean the bit of this Dunhill again. – Kevin Godbee

Check out the full gallery here.

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  • Best of luck Cynthia in your chosen field. Thank you for the classy photo’s in the Magazine. You will be missed by many I’m sure.