3 Years Ago Today

Happy Conception Day PipesMagazine.com

It was three years ago today that PipesMagazine.com was conceived of. I am here in Ybor City (Tampa) Florida today for the Ybor Heritage & Cigar Festival. I am covering the event for my new (almost 2-months old) Cigar Chronicles site. Ironically, Pipes Magazine would not exist had it not been for my first cigar e-zine. Started in 2005, my first cigar site did fairly well as a part-time endeavor for three years. In 2008, it was bought for six-figures. As part of the deal, I had to sign a 3-year non-compete in the  cigar business. Those three years came and went surprisingly fast. Perhaps that’s because I was very busy launching and building Pipes Magazine, which was financed by the sale of the cigar site.

In November 2008, about a month after the sale, I was in Ybor City for the same event that I am here for today. I was hanging out with a bunch of my cigar buddies, and several people that were members of my old site. I said to my friend Stan, "Gee Stan, what am I going to do with all the free time I have now that I can no longer be in the cigar business?" Stan said; "Don’t you smoke pipes too? Why don’t you do a pipe site?"

That was the first day of my arrival in Tampa, which was November 15, 2008. If you look up the domain registration for PipesMagazine.com, that is the date the domain was created – the same day Stan gave me the idea. (And Stan doesn’t even smoke a pipe.) Then, after the cigar event was over, I went 60 miles north to Spring Hill, FL to visit with my dad for a few days. On November 19, 2008, I sat in my dad’s living room, him watching football in his recliner, me in the other recliner, laptop in hand. I worked all day and night on this exact day, three years ago, sitting in my dad’s living room, football game after football game, pounding away at the keyboard, playing with graphics in Photoshop, installing forum software, etc. By the end of the day all of the infrastructure was in place, and I made the first test post.

Notice below my avatar in the forums, that it reads: Joined Nov 2008.

Ironically, the sale of the cigar site financed the launch and growth of the pipe site, which is now financing the launch and growth of the new cigar site. I have come full circle.

Happy Conception Day PipesMagazine.com


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  • Well, mega-congratulations! You are arguably one of the hardest working guys in the tobacco industry, and you’ve skillfully blended that interest and drive with your dot-com entrepreneurship. I wish you many more years of success, and the continued growth and prosperity of PipesMagazine.com.

  • Congratulations on the fruition of your vision, dedication and perseverance, Kevin, and I’m glad to be able to partake in the community you’ve gathered.

  • Congratulations Kevin! And, Happy Birthday!
    “Ironically, the sale of the cigar site financed the launch and growth of the pipe site, which is now financing the launch and growth of the new cigar site. I have come full circle.”
    Like the adage says…
    “What goes around comes around.” 🙂
    I’m proud to be associated with this marvelous resource.
    Thank you Kevin… Mucho Cudos!

  • Thanks guys.

    “Ha, this is a GREAT story Kevin!!”

    I wasn’t thinking of posting this, but I was on the phone with Greg Pease yesterday and I told him the story. He said the same thing, that it is a great story and that I should post it. So I did on Greg’s suggestion.

  • Congrats on a great story. I am sure this site will evolve even more over time. Keep up the great work here.

  • As a new member, I’ve just been astounded to read all the intellectual and, very out of character for the internet, civil discussions. This really is a wonderful website for any pipe enthusiast, so I have to thank you, Kevin. Happy Birthday to PM.

  • Happy Birthday, PipesMagazine.com!
    Always a wealth of knowledge being shared around here. I’m happy to have a place to get it and dish it out as warranted.