Sutliff Private Stock Pipe Tobacco Blends

Sutliff Private Stock Pipe TobaccoThe Sutliff Private Stock Pipe Tobacco brand has been around for over 160 years. During the recent Chicago Pipe Show, Altadis unveiled several new blends that have at least one seasoned pipe smoker pleasantly surprised. See this blog post by Silvercloud, entitled, "The Big Surprise".
Here is some information on the new blends that have pipe smokers intrigued

The Altadis legacy of producing world class pipe tobacco has roots going as far back as the California Gold Rush. For it was in 1849 when Henry Sutliff opened the first of his shops at 832 Kearny Street in San Francisco. Sutliff’s shop initially boasted nineteen blends as well as prized Meerschaums and fine briar pipes. In 1950, a decision was made to move the thriving business eastward to be closer to the tobacco markets and in 1953 the current manufacturing plant was opened in Richmond, Virginia.

In the true tradition of providing the market the best tobaccos available for over 160 years, several traditional old-style blends have been brought back to life by Altadis under the brand name of Sutliff Private Stock.

Below are the new tobaccos offered under the Sutliff Private Stock brand.

The following blends are in stores now:

Great Outdoors – (Perfect for fans of Field and Stream)
It is perhaps ironic that a blend named Great Outdoors should be appreciated for its room note. This outstanding aromatic is a mixture of Burley, Vanilla, and flavored Black Cavendish.

R-Blend – (Perfect for fans of Revelation)
This unique blend astounds with its dominant yet still subtle fruity notes. The base is an equally complex mixture of Burley, Virginia, Latakia, Perique and Flake.

BRG Mixture – (Perfect for fans of Briggs)
This pleasing blend of Burley and Virginia is as comforting as a good time spent with your best friend.

Navigator – (Perfect for fans of Argossy Black)
Chart your course for an adventure in smoking pleasure with this mild all Black Vanilla flavored blend.

Maple Street – (Perfect for fans of Mapleton)
A fantastic blend of complementary ingredients: Rum and Maple applied to golden Virginia and mellow White Burley.

Sunrise – (Perfect for fans of Early Morning Pipe)
The perfect way to start a good morning. This lavish mixture of pressed Virginia Ribbon, Pressed Black Ribbon, Turkish and Latakia is sure to awaken the taste buds.

CD Blend – (Perfect for fans of Country Doctor)
This remarkable blend is the cure-all for smoking nostalgia. Burley, Virginia, Latakia, Flake and Perique combine to provide that Old Time flavor.

Man’s Best Friend – (Perfect for fans of Barking Dog)
Another American Classic in the English vein. Smooth toasted Burley cubes blended with premium grade Latakia and Lemon Virginia Flake. Cased with a uniquely mild rum top dressing to produce a subtle pleasing flavor and room aroma.

Blend 5 – (Perfect for fans of Dunhill 965)
A robust English blend with character. Plenty of Latakia, Pressed Virginia and Burley provide the base.

Sutliff Private Stock Tobaccos

All of the above blends are available for immediate ordering at Cup O Joes

The following blends will be available in late-July / early-August 2010:

French Quarter – (Perfect for fans of Bourbon Street)
The French Quarter is never boring; nor is this intriguing mixture of Burley, Black Cavendish and Virginia.

If ever there should be a blend worthy of the Roman God of Wine that blend is Bacchanalia. In consensus among wine connoisseurs and smokers alike, this fine Burley and Virginia blend is worthy of lasting admiration.

Barbados Plantation
In terms of quality Barbados Rums unquestionably rank among the world’s best. This superb blend of Burley, Virginia, and Black Cavendish reflects the Rum itself, sweet, smooth, and rich.

Westminster – (Perfect for fans London Mixture)
Could anything be more English than Westminster? Reach the pinnacle of English Blends with this skillfully blended mixture of Latakia, Virginia, and Turkish.

Golden Age – (Perfect for fans of Elizabethan)
We can thank the Golden Age of Exploration for introducing the Old World to Perique. Perique lovers everywhere will marvel at this distinctively flavored mixture combined with Turkish, Burley, Black Cavendish, and Virginia.

Top Shelf
While age and proof help define a Top Shelf Bourbon, the deciding factor is taste. This extraordinary mixture of Burley, Virginia, and Black Cavendish is unsurpassed in smoothness and richness.

Bosphorus Cruise
Experience the breath-taking beauty of the old Byzantium Strait with this magnificent mixture of Oriental, Latakia, and Red Virginia.

Taste of Summer
This delicious mixture of Burley, Virginia, and Black Cavendish is reminiscent of incredibly juicy, ripe peaches of summers past.

Tabac Noir
Exotic best describes this unique Black Cavendish, for it is dark, flavorful, and strikingly unusual.

Balkan Luxury Blend 957
Just as the Balkan Countries are a melting pot, this intriguing blend is an intermingling of Oriental, Perique, Latakia, and Black Cavendish. Experience the rich flavor as each of these fine tobaccos marries into the mix.

Molto Dolce
Suffice it to say Molto Dolce is the Cream of the Crop. A rich and creamy texture of Vanilla, Caramel, and Honey is applied to Burley, Virginia, and Black Cavendish.

Available in 1.5 oz tins with limited availability in 8 oz tins.

7 Responses

  • I have smoked Great Outdoors and enjoyed it very much. I do not know how close in taste it is to Field and Stream because I never smoked any. I find this excellent and will be buying more.

  • I have tried the Blend No. 5 and was impressed with it. I have had some stuff from them that really did not do anything for me. I found it better than the MM965 it is supposed to be similar to.

  • molto dolce was sent to me as a tester gift from a tobacco company and is the smoothest smoke i have ever had.

  • Just received a sample of Sutliff PS of Molto Dolce..
    Tin was strong, ribbon cut.. with a slight oily sheen to the tobacco, I can only assume is the top dressing.. tin smell was intense in both sweetness and creaminess.
    Smoking it from my no-name brand black briar straight. The room on this one is extremely nice. Quality aromatic. Flavor is caramel creaminess through the first 1/4 to 1/3 of the bowl and then settles down to a very soft pleasant nutty vanilla towards the finish.. all and all, a fine smoke as aromatics go. Smoked all the way to the bottom with very little dottle left behind. No relights and it seemed to have the moisture right out of the tin.
    Thanks Altadis for this very pleasant smoke!