Mac Baren Tobacco Factory Tour (Part 3)

In the final video in our 3-part series on Mac Baren, you get to see the continuation of the process of producing high quality pipe tobaccos. The previous video showed the extensive handwork that goes into creating the spun tobaccos that are cut into coins. This video demonstrates some impressive machinery that greatly automates getting the tobacco blends into packaging and shipped out the door.

Of interesting note is that Mac Baren has transformed themselves from a factory that ran large production to create huge inventory stockpiles, into a just-in-time factory that produces to order. This was necessitated by the myriad different tobacco labeling regulations of different countries that Mac Baren exports to. This portion of the production process is quite technologically, and mechanically sophisticated and impressive. It is also extremely accurate.

Please enjoy Part 3 and the conclusion of our video tour of the Mac Baren Tobacco Factory, which runs about 13-minutes.

Video rendering …


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Precise machinery packages, labels and packs the Mac Baren tobacco blends for shipping.
Mac Baren 7 Seas Regular Blend Pouches (not available in the USA) being packaged.
The tobacco is perfectly measured according to weight. It is done extremely fast for quick order fulfillment.


5 Responses

  • I thought the whole series was wonderful: entertaining, informative and fascinating. Thanks so much for producing it for the readers of I think Per’s attitude toward Mac Baren’s reputation for tongue bite exemplified the common sense he demonstrates throughout the video series. A practical, knowledgeable guy who seems to really care about his tobaccos.

  • @Evo “How come Mac Baren does not sell pouches in the States?”
    It is for marketing reasons. The general perception in the U.S. is that tobacco in pouches is lower quality “drug store” tobacco, and that tobacco in metal tins is of higher quality. Mac Baren is definitely of higher quality and not “drug store” tobacco, but they sell in pouches overseas because that stigma doesn’t exist over there.