Mac Baren Tobacco Factory Tour (Part 2)

In Part 2 of the Mac Baren Factory tour we get to see more of the impressive factory and the different ways tobaccos are processed into finished, smokable goods. We start off with some large full leaves that are used as a wrapper, much like in the cigar production process.

If you watch closely, an intriguing future new tobacco coming from Mac Baren is revealed. You can see the production of spun tobaccos. Something that looks like a giant cigar is produced using a giant hand rolling machine that looks like a huge cigarette rolling machine. Per calls these giant tobacco rolls a "sausage", which is then cut into "coins".

You will also see the the packaging into tins of the Mac Baren Navy Flake, which is partly automated and partly done by hand.

Then we take a tour of the work-in-process tobaccos, which just look wonderfully delicious and are a few steps closer to becoming your favorite blends. It was fun picking up big handfuls of tobacco and seeing hundreds of large wooden crates filled with literally tons of tobacco.

Please enjoy Part 2 of our video tour of the Mac Baren Tobacco Factory, which runs about 15-minutes.

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Watch Part 1 Here


Inspecting a large full leaf that will be part of the wrapper of a spun tobacco. Several leaves are used. First the wrapper is laid down, and then the core.

The tobaccos are then rolled into a giant "tobacco sausage". Then they are given a little pressure. The pressure along with the sugar water holds them together.

Navy Flake is being packaged for shipping. Coins are drying after cutting. Work-in-process tobaccos waiting to become final product.

There is literally TONS of tobacco of all different types being processed into several different Mac Baren tobaccos blends.

It smells very nice in the factory with all of these different types of tobaccos.

Tobacco on the way to becoming flakes.


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10 Responses

  • Another awesome video, I didn’t catch the name of that new tobacco….I’ll be on the look out.

  • Thanks for all the hard work guys, that was cool,….I had to light up a bowl of Burley London Blend just for effect! Great info on how to prep a few tobaccos and why.

  • Very impressive the amount of knowledge, work and care that goes into the production of these fine tobaccos. NOW, if we can only get our governement and the Antis to mind there own business and keep their meddling hands out of our lives.

  • It was great to see how coins of tobacco are made. It looked like many times more than a lifetime supply in that bin filled with rolled “sausages”. Nice to hear the rationale for folding coin tobaccos; and I’m really looking forward to the new Perique coins. Thanks for the excellent production.

  • Great video! I want a couple of the “sausage” rolls before they cut them! 🙂
    I can’t wait for them to release the new blend, it tastes really good and I will definitely be picking up a few tins of it.