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Summerware & Cigars on the Green Steve Morrisette As I have often said; there are clothes and there is style and I wish to address the nexus of the two now as the weather warms. I find the toughest challenge in looking good is hot weather. I detest being uncomfortably hot. But, I just cannot […]

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Bags, Jackets and Baggy Jackets

Steve Morrisette In my opinion, the garment that most immediately and dramatically upgrades one’s look is a sport coat, or blazer. Slip one on and you look more put together, more elegant and generally people see you as just a bit classier looking than the other guys in just their shirt sleeves. And that is […]

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Bowls in the Cold: Hats, Gloves & Umbrella Etiquette

Steve Morrisette As the weather stubbornly remains cold and inclement for the most of us in the northern hemisphere, a column on hats, gloves and umbrellas, as well as smoking al fresco seems timely. Naturally, as a gentleman smoker, you will want to observe the etiquette and some traditions associated with those accoutrement. Many of […]

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the Gentleman Smoker

Steve Morrisette This column is about Gentleman’s Style and it’s various forms of expression as they intersect the experiences of pipe smokers and all lovers of fine tobaccos. Why a style column? There is currently a resurgence of interest in men’s fashion. You can find variations of this statement more and more frequently these days […]

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