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Pipe Shops On The Amalfi Coast?

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  1. zack24


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    Greta and I are headed to Naples, Sorrento, Capri, and Ischia in 6 weeks for our fifth anniversary. It's really slim pickings as far as pipe shops and tobacco in the area. We've been to the northern regions and hit all the usual shops in Milan and Florence, but I don't know of a single shop on the Amalfi Coast except Tobacceria Sisimbro in Naples. Do we have any members living in that area? ...or does anyone know of any shops?

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  2. mso489


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    Zack, boy that's a long shot. A master carver there living in a cottage under a tree. If you're ever in the Mid-Pacific, there's a superb pipe shop on Midway Island about 1,200 miles from Honolulu ... no just kidding. There used to be a Naval Station, later a glimmer of a tourist lodge run by the Department of Interior after the Navy left, and today, so far as I know, nothing. Except species of birds, turtles, seals and sharks. And historical pill boxes, hangars, and unused buildings.

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