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Mysterious Stanwell Billiard

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    Hello. My name is John Rose. Retired peace officer/CEO. I have smoked and restored estate pipes for 50 years. I like my Peterson and my Stanwell followed closely by a Castello. It depends on my tobacco.

    will soon acquire a Stanwell with a gold coloured plaque inscribed "Ringsted Piber". I have never seen this before. The pipe has the Stanwell nomenclature and crowned "S". Can anyone shed light on this Stanwell pipe? I know that the Danish Stanwell was located near Ringsted Demark


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    Made by Stanwell for a tobacconist in Ringsted.

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    This may shed some light. This fellow is Headmaster at an art school in Ringsted and acquired some blocks and stems from Stanwell.


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    I agree with Jensen. It was probably made as a house pipe for some tobacconist in Ringsted. There is a danish facebook page for pipesmokers, and some of the members are very keen on danish pipe lore. The above mentioned BBJ is also a member. It's called piberygerne and they will most certainly help you if you ask.

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