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Iwan Ries Nature's Bounty

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  • Started 11 months ago by donjgiles
  • Latest reply from mso489
  1. donjgiles


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    Does anyone have info on these freehands from Denmark made for Iwan Ries?

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  2. chasingembers


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    From Pipedia

    The Nature's Bounty line of pipes were made for Iwan Ries and Company in the 1960s and made in Denmark. Unfortunately, only speculation exists as to who made the pipes, with Teddy Knudsen and Sixten Ivarrson both suggested as candidates. They were stamped with "IRC" for Iwan Ries and Company over Nature's Bounty over Handmade in Denmark. Examples seen include several freehand pipes with plateau.

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  3. mso489


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    The eternal masquerade of house pipe makers. Much more recently, I bought the last of a line of Chacom green stain billiards, stamped by the maker but made for iwan Ries. Since I've been shopping with them, IRC has had house pipes made by Benton with Algerian briar, an Italian line made by an unidentified maker, and now some handsome pipes made by Genod, the French pipe maker. Too bad the pipes made by master Danish carvers have gone unidentified. That's a real loss to the sellers and buyers of these.

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