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Frog Morton Across the Pond Review

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  • Started 2 years ago by Ahmad Othman
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    This is an interesting entry in the Frog Morton line. For one, it's the only one with Syrian Latakia, and this will play a major role of how this works, yet the role is played from the shadows. Then there is the show of the Ketchup taste and aroma..There isn't a more elaborate way to describe it, a mix between sweetness and sourness with a bit of earthiness all around. It is fairly dominant and consistent throughout the smoke. With just a little hint of caramel sweetness every now and then, and just a pinch of mild smokiness from the Latakia, that provides more smoke than smokiness in the taste profile. My tin came at perfect moisture and It packs well, get lit with a bit of work and for the most part stays lit. Stays consistent throughout the bowl both in aroma and flavour without any bite at all or harsh spots. Burns down to the end leaving little to no dottle, yet it leaves a bit of footprint in the bowl smell. But so far that didn't interrupt other blends in the same pipe. It is a nice one that I will savour, and maybe add to my rotation as a delicacy.

    Pipe Used: Peterson Derry B27

    Age When Smoked: Fresh Tin

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