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Couple Old Tobacco Tins

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  • Started 5 years ago by piperl12
  • Latest reply from rebornbriar
  1. piperl12


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    I was cleaning out one of my tool boxes today and came across a couple old tobacco tins that I though some of you might like to see. I use them to keep small drills and bits in. Doubt they are worth anything especially after all these years but they are still history.

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    Blast from the past for sure! Thanks, Piper!

    I've got a full, sealed tin of that Murray's Erinmore Flake that a friend gave me -- he didn't care for it. I've smoked a bit of it from another sample -- it's certainly nothing like today's version -- more of a Lakeland IMO

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  3. sallow


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    rothnh - I have never tried the Murray's version but enjoy the previous (rectangle tin) version very much. The current version in the square tin is a fine flake but it is topped less and is a lighter, larger flake. To me it is not as unique as the rectangular tinned version.

    Is the Murray's version a dark sweet flake? How does the topping compare to say, ennerdale?

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  4. rebornbriar


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    Nice to see your family stuck with Belfast production tobaccos My grandad always kept tins for screws and drill bit's etc. Besides the tobacco tins, Brylcream tubs were utilised for that purpose too.

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