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C&D Blends- Virginia Gentleman

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    i got this as a free sample (from marscigars.com) when i bought my uber badass calabash pipe. It is cut in rather large flakes and has a rich nutty aroma to it. it smokes like it smells- really nutty in flavor, very rich. forgive me for not knowing the afficionados terminology, but that was my first thought when i smoked it. it was very good! i think i might buy some more.

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  2. python


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    Thanks for the review Scotty!

    I love when a blend taste and smells really nutty.

    I love it when you get a free sample of tobacco because it allows you to try a blend that you might not have tried otherwise. Sometimes you can find a blend that really appeals to you.

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    IMO, C&D has the best blends in the world. Just ordered a pound of Bayou Night, Engine 99, Bayou Morning, and Yale Mixture. If C&D ever went out of business you would see a grown man cry. LOL

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