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Ashton Gold Rush.

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  • Started 5 days ago by anotherbob
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    During my latest smoke shop trip I bought two tins and one of them was Gold Rush by Ashton. It says it's an aromatic with lemon and honey flavor. That sounded strange and interesting to me. Well it is. To my palate the main flavor is light colored virginian tobacco. The lemon and honey is much more of a hint. My tastes aren't refined enough to tell you if this hint works because it covers up quality issues with the tobacco or if it works well because it's enhances the tobacco taste. Either way I think it works pretty well. Also the sour fruit note, the sweet grassy tobacco notes, and the sugar honey sweet note all seem to be working across the flavor spectrum in a way that none of the flavors dominate and cancel out each other. So would I recommend this one? Yes I certainly would. I think if you dig straight virgina blends this is a really interesting take on that. If you're breaking into aromatics but really still want tobacco flavor this is a good starting point. Also I can't think of anything else I've tried quite like this and it seems like a very interesting idea for pipe flavoring. It makes me wonder what other non traditional flavors might go well with different tobacco types without having to be flavor bombs. So if that sounds interesting it's worth picking up a tin and seeing something that at least is unique to my pipe smoking experience.

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