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  1. techie

    What Book Are you Reading? - 2019

    I just started How Linux Works by Brian Ward. Fascinating look into the inner workings of the OS.
  2. techie

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (March 2019)

    Half & Half in a custom MM cob.
  3. techie

    Hello from North Texas

    Welcome to the Forums from Pennsylvania!
  4. techie

    Stanwell...Good or Not so Much ?

    I also have several Stanwells and enjoy them. I tried them with and without the filter and prefer no filter.
  5. techie

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (March 2019)

    Gawith Hogarth Scotch Mixture in a Stanwell Brass Band Smooth 124.
  6. techie

    Cellaring Aromatics?

    I think you just described much of the US processed/packaged foods industry. Lol BTW, I am in the US, but I did purchase a number of the European OTCs.
  7. techie

    New Etsy Score... For Cheap!

    So who is this Seller? There are two stores I have saved on Etsy that I check out from time to time.
  8. techie

    Cellaring Aromatics?

    Well, what's interesting, Cosmic, is that I have found that the "American" OTC's like Carter Hall hasn't dried out at all, but this Peterson Aran has - bone dry. Is it possible that the European ones use fewer chemicals or none at all?
  9. techie

    Xingpao Introduction

    Welcome to the Forums from Pennsylvania! I'm hoping one day to tour the Bourbon Trail and extend into TN to check out the Jack Daniels operation.
  10. techie

    Cellaring Aromatics?

    I suppose this is a related matter, but I purchased a number of OTC pouches that have been sitting for about 4-5 months, and I pulled one out today (Peterson Aran) and it is very dry. I didn't really think about jarring these, but should pouched tobaccos be jarred too if they're not going to be...
  11. techie

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (March 2019)

    Peterson Aran in a MM General.
  12. techie

    In Preperation For St. Paddy's Day, What's Your Favorite Irish Whiskey?

    Knockeen Irish Poteen - had to look that one up! I don't think I'll find that one in any shops near me. Lol.
  13. techie

    A Trucker's Doggerel

  14. techie

    Any Linux Users?

  15. techie

    Any Linux Users?

    Anyone using Linux instead of (or in addition to) Windows or Mac? I've been wanting to switch over for years and am finally researching my options. Got some items to clear up though, since I work remotely from home. Perhaps some of you can offer advice.