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  1. deleon

    Please Help! I broke my vulcanite pipe stem clean off

    You might what to reach out to this gentleman: link to Walker Pipe Repair
  2. deleon

    Help Me Select The Most “Peteiest” Peterson

    I have a few Peterson Pipes but the ones I been smoking more lately are my Sherlock Holmes Bakersville and the non-traditional design Peterson Jekyll & Hyde Two Tone X105. The Peterson Jekyll & Hyde you can find it new for less than $100 and it's a great smoke. Both pipes have the P-lip...
  3. deleon

    Which Pipe Do You Own That People Will Remember You By?

    My Peterson Dracula smooth 999, everyone seems to remember the red & black swirl colors on the stem. Also the aroma of the Sleepy Hollow tobacco.
  4. deleon

    Why did you start pipe smoking

    I've been a cigar smoker for almost 20 years, but was always curious about pipe smoking just never tried it. I'm always surrounded by great friends who only smoke cigars so I never wanted that to change. Eventually I pulled the trigger and bought myself a GBD pipe some Peterson Sunset Breeze...
  5. deleon

    Greetings from Texas

    Welcome, from the Rio Grande Valley!
  6. deleon

    Hello from a new member

    Greetings from Texas and welcome to the the forum!
  7. deleon

    Greetings from the cold north of Sweden

    Greetings vargen, from Texas!
  8. deleon

    My first estate pipe

    Clean the stem and shank of the pipe with bristle pipe brushes soaked with some everclear to raise the old tobacco to be removed. I would do the salt & everclear on the bowl to slowly clean the bowl. Check on youtube, there are some helpful videos out there check out Muttnchop Piper: The Art of...
  9. deleon

    Birthday Pipe for March 2019

    Happy Birthday and congrats on your new Peterson Ashford! Cheers
  10. deleon

    Hello Everyone

    Hello i550r! Welcome from Texas! Nice picture of your collection.
  11. deleon

    Peterson Waterford

    :puffy: Nice!
  12. deleon

    What Would You Do?

    You can get a great quality price online, skip the free pipe and enjoy the tobacco.. the more tobacco the merrier!
  13. deleon

    Straus Sleepy Hollow

    Same Here, I have a mason jar full of Sleepy Hollow from last year and it's still moist. I keep all my tobacco jars in a closed cabinet away from sunlight also that helps.
  14. deleon

    Another Good Day at the Antique Store (Pics)

    That's a great find! Congrats!
  15. deleon

    How Old Is Everyone

    I'm 43. Been smoking pipes since 2009.