Sutliff Crème Brûlée

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Starting to Get Obsessed
Dec 22, 2023
Central New Jersey
I do not recommend this blend. Some say it tastes like nothing. I think it tastes like burning sugar, which is similar to its namesake. The mechanics of this blend are impossible. I've seen guys dry it out on a cookie tin with paper towel for however long. Who wants to do that? Not this guy. The goopy sauce is thick and if you're packing your pipe with this stuff have something to clean your hands with. I do sense that the only flavor that I got from that blend was the sizzling sugar slathered on the tobacco like a1 steak sauce. It is an airy blend otherwise. Big no no for me, but I'm sure there's someone that enjoys it. Actually, I know that person.. It's a local I've scheduled a pickup with and he's going to relieve me of the 4 oz's of this blend that I mistakenly purchased.

Chasing Embers

Captain of the Black Frigate
Nov 12, 2014
It and Dulce De Leche are two of my favorite aromatics from Sutliff. Creme Brulee is the bulk form of Molto Dolce so you may want to avoid that one as well. Heavily flavored aromatics really are best enjoyed after many years of pipe smoking, definitely not beginner friendly. Get them too hot or try to produce clouds of smoke and you flash off the flavoring.
Mirrors my experience.
Now, @cshubhra has been mixing it 50/50 with shredded whole leaf Rustica, that’s gotta be an improvement!
I actually love one (and only one so far) American style aromatic. Guess which one 😀

It has very little Nicotine though, so if I am in the mood of a robust tobacco (Which I am often is) the 50% Rustica does amp it up a LOT. I do occasionally have it without the Rustica as well.


Oct 16, 2020
If you refuse to dry it out when it is that moist, and aren't able to adjust as necessary it there will be consequences, lol. Some I'm sure handle it fresh and wet with no issues.

I'm one that needs it to be dried a bit and when it is, I like it.

It's one thing to not dry out your tobacco because you like it wet, but it seems quite something else to refuse to do so on "principle" when you pretty much know it will be a poor experience. You are correct, they can't make you!